Bankruptcy & Restructuring Creditors

In addition to working with financially distressed debtors, we also have experience working with businesses and individuals looking to obtain payment from a company that has or will declare bankruptcy. Collecting from financially distressed companies can present unique challenges and may even expose a creditor to liability itself. Okin Adams works with our creditor clients both before and during bankruptcy to obtain the best possible recovery.

Our creditor clients include financial institutions, landlords, equipment lessors, and other significant creditors each with unique interests to be protected when dealing with a distressed borrower or customer. Different “classes” of creditors may have substantially differing rights both before and during an insolvency proceeding. Understanding your rights as a creditor is essential to protecting your interests and maximizing recovery on your claim.

In some instances, creditors may be sued by a bankrupt debtor or a trustee seeking to recover amounts paid.

Okin Adams: Houston Bankruptcy Creditor Lawyers

Whatever the type of debt, creditors have an active role in distressed situations. If you are in this position, it is important to remain actively involved. Okin Adams’s attorneys have represented a wide array of creditor clients including secured lenders, trade vendors, M&M creditors, tort claimants, and others. If you are seeking to recover a debt from a financially distressed company or individual, please contact us to explore your options.

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Edward A. Clarkson, III

Edward A. Clarkson, III Edward's primary area of practice focuses on all aspects of restructuring and reorganization work, including representation of corporate debtors and creditors.

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