Bankruptcy & Restructuring Debtors

Traditionally, the primary goal of a Chapter 11 proceeding is the reorganization of a company’s assets and liabilities in a manner that allows the company to successfully emerge from bankruptcy as a healthy going-concern. Chapter 11 allows the debtor to accomplish this goal through a court approved plan of reorganization modifying existing debtor/creditor relationships. Crafting a plan is no easy feat, and the proposed plan requires approval from the court and, in most instances, the debtor’s creditors. The proceedings for approving and enacting the restructuring plan can require much time and effort on the part of the debtor. Okin Adams has significant experience guiding debtors through plan formulation to plan solicitation and confirmation.

In addition to the typical restructuring, debtors increasingly turn to Chapter 11 as a more favorable liquidation alternative than Chapter 7. The ability of a debtor to operate its business during the liquidation process and the flexibility to develop a company specific liquidation process and timeline often allows debtors and creditors alike the ability to obtain maximum value for assets not otherwise available in a fire-sale type liquidation or foreclosure. Choosing to liquidate a company is a difficult and stressful process. Okin Adams’s attorneys have the experience and insight to assist you in reaching the best decision and choosing the best path for your company.

Okin Adams: Houston Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers

If your business is facing a distressed situation and is considering Chapter 11, please contact us to explore your options. We have extensive experience helping all parties navigate the corporate bankruptcy process and we can help find a solution that meets the immediate and long-term needs of your business.

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Ryan A. O’Connor

Ryan A. O’Connor Ryan’s primary area of practice focuses on all aspects of restructuring and reorganization work, including representation of corporate debtors and creditors.

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