Commercial Litigation


Business disputes, everything from small contract concerns to large lawsuits that threaten the health of a company, can be a minor annoyance or a stressful nightmare. Having competent legal counsel to advise you on whatever the issue at hand is can help you take less time to deal with these matters and focus more on running your business. We work with clients to resolve disputes both in and out of the court system and help each client find a solution that fits his or her specific needs.

We have significant experience in the following areas:

Breach of Contract

If a client, vendor, employee, or other entity breaks an agreement, it can potentially cause a great deal of damage to your business. In Texas, there are a number of options to remedy the situation based on the type of contract and the parties involved.

Commercial Collections

Looking to have debts paid to your business can be difficult and there are specific legal procedures that need to be followed in each case. Having legal counsel provide guidance how to handle an unpaid debt situation can help alleviate the aggravation of trying to collect on your own.

Directors and Officers Liability

Lately it seems that every time someone has an issue with a firm, the directors and officers will be brought into litigation themselves. Understanding the various issues involved in each suit and the associated insurance ramifications can help you navigate these types of situations for your business.


Unfortunately, fraud has become endemic in our society and our business dealings. Both finding ways to mitigate fraud and to recover damages if your company has been a victim can help take some of the fear out of thinking about and dealing with fraudulent matters.

Oil and Gas

Our home, Houston, is considered the energy capital of the world. We have been working with the oil and gas industry since our firmed formed and have a deep understanding of the specific litigation impacting businesses that deal in oil and gas.

Partnership Disputes

Business partners can disagree about any number of things on a daily basis. However, sometimes those small fights can become large disputes that threaten the health of the company. Resolution methods, both inside and outside the legal system, can be explored depending on the nature of the dispute and each partner’s goals.

We have worked with all sizes of businesses and types of industries on complex litigation matters. Please contact us so that we can show you how we personally handle each case. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.


David Curry

David Curry, Jr. David L. Curry has experience representing clients in a variety of commercial litigation cases, bankruptcy and restructuring matters and commercial transactions.

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