Commercial Litigation Breach of Contract

Contracts, whether written, verbal, or implied, are a critical part of every business relationship. A proper contract should clearly define each party’s obligations and roles so that expectations and outcomes are met. When an individual or company does not meet the terms of the contract, however, it can have negative consequences for other parties involved in the transaction.

If an agreement can’t be reached outside the court system, litigation is the usual next step. To determine if you do have a case, it is important to consider several factors to evaluate the enforceability of the contract, including the following:

  • Contract Consideration
  • Capacity of the Parties to Enter into a Business Contract
  • Influence and Coercion
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Legality of the Contact

Texas has a number of laws in place that make litigating a breach of contract unique. Given the potential financial impact a breach of contract case can have on a company, it is imperative that the case be given the appropriate time and attention by those who allege the contract was breached. Similarly, if your company is being sued for a breach of contract, a thorough defense is crucial. A lawyer can help you understand the viability of your case, as well as understand whether punitive or exemplary damages might be available to you. Depending on the size of the companies involved and the amount in dispute, a breach of contract case could be wrapped up fairly shortly or drawn out for years, generally with the hope someone will grow fatigued and settle.

Okin Adams: Houston Breach of Contract Lawyers

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