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Debt collection for unpaid work can be a hassle, taking time and additional money away from your business. If you are not being paid for a business service you rendered, there are many legal options available to you in the State of Texas. Commercial collections or business-to-business collection laws often change, so it is important to understand exactly what needs to be done to sue the offending party.

Going through the courts isn’t always the best option for collecting a debt, and alternative options to recover payment should be explored before entering into costly litigation. Who you are trying to collect from, the amount of the debt, the length of time payment has not been received, and potential bankruptcy issues can all impact the legal strategy our lawyers will use to help you recover money owed to your company.

Given our extensive experience in this area, we can advise you regarding the following:

  • Demand letters
  • Acquisition of properties
  • Garnishment of funds
  • Property foreclosures
  • Enforcement of debts
  • Collections of interests
  • Mechanics and construction liens

Okin Adams: Houston Commercial Collections Lawyers

We have helped small businesses with single unpaid debts and Fortune 500 companies with large collection matters. Our team of lawyers has the skills and experience necessary to help you recover the money you are due. Our Houston, Texas debt collection attorneys represent all types of businesses, including those that provide goods or services, both secured and unsecured.

Please contact us if you are working to collect an overdue debt. We can help you efficiently collect the money your company is entitled to receive.



David Curry

David Curry, Jr. David L. Curry has experience representing clients in a variety of commercial litigation cases, bankruptcy and restructuring matters and commercial transactions.

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