Commercial Litigation Partnership Disputes

When partnerships are first formed, they usually start out with goodwill and aligned interests. However, for a number of reasons these business agreements can sour over time and form partnership disputes. Issues that often cause friction can include:

  • Expenses
  • Employment decisions
  • Business growth and direction
  • Balance of power
  • Property and assets
  • Vendor and client relationships
  • Legal matters

How you work to resolve business conflicts can have implications for you personally and professionally. It makes sense to review your situation with legal counsel to make sure your interests are protected and understand the various options available to you to resolve a dispute. Sometimes the concerns can be settled outside of court through avenues like mediation. These methods may be successful, but if not civil litigation may be necessary to resolve the issues at hand. It is also important to understand your goals. Do you wish to return to the business like nothing happened? Do you want out of the business? Do you want to buy your partner out or be bought out? Having answers to these questions will help your lawyer advise you as to the best way to handle the conflict.

Okin Adams: Houston Partnership Dispute Lawyers

We have worked on a number of partnership disputes caused by all the issues mentioned above and more. Our clients have ranged from major corporations to two person businesses, and we have helped settle matters both in and out of court. If you are involved in a partnership dispute, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.