Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Okin Adams’s financial restructuring professionals have guided debtors and creditors alike through the restructuring process both in and out of court. Our attorneys have experience advising clients in a wide array of industry sectors, including energy, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, retail and others. Our clients include financial institutions, landlords, equipment lessors, and other significant creditors, as well as financially troubled entities and trustees. As a result, our lawyers have a first-hand perspective from all sides of the workout and reorganization practice, thus enabling us to provide knowledgeable and practical advice tailored to our client’s business needs. We have years of experience involving:


Filing bankruptcy is only one option available to a company going through financial difficulties. Often, an out-of-court restructuring or workout is the best option. A workout is usually cheaper and less disruptive to the business than a bankruptcy. We have guided numerous companies through out-of-court restructurings.


When problems cannot be solved through negotiations or asset sales, a company may have to resort to filing bankruptcy. While a chapter 11 bankruptcy is often the best option, a company should only file after carefully planning the process and considering all its options.

Committees in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy cases move quickly and often require lawyers representing individual creditors to expend significant time and expense just keeping up with the process. For Individual unsecured creditors, this often means that hiring their own counsel does not make financial sense. Participation on a committee is often an excellent solution for a creditor looking to participate in the bankruptcy process without too much out-of-pocket expense.


When a vendor or customer declares bankruptcy, your business relationship with that company does not necessarily have to terminate. You must, however, understand the effect the bankruptcy proceeding will have on your working relationship with that debtor. Further, you should take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Asset Purchases

A company selling assets during a bankruptcy, presents interested purchasers with a unique opportunity to obtain clear and undisputed title, often at a significant discount. While an asset purchase from a bankruptcy estate can be an excellent opportunity, such a purchase presents unique challenges that require the advice of an attorney experienced in these types of transactions.

Trustee Representation

Being charged with the role of trustee in a bankruptcy case is a large responsibility and any oversights or mistakes could have huge implications for the individual in the role.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy cases often give rise to related litigation over issues as varied as preferential transfers, breaches of contract and claims against current and former officers and directors of the company. Much of this litigation takes place in the bankruptcy court and requires litigators familiar with the court and its specific procedures.

We have worked with all parties involved with bankruptcy, and understand the many facets that need to be considered. If you are currently or may become involved in a bankruptcy proceeding, please contact us to discuss your situation and learn how we may be able to help.

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