Corporate Transactions


The Texas business marketplace has seen many fluctuations over the past decades. From bust to periods of great growth, the businesses in our state have often had to do some restructuring to succeed in the different climates. This volatility has given our legal team the chance to work on a variety of business transactions. We have seen everything from reviewing contracts to helping new businesses incorporate, and can provide you with competent legal counsel to advise you at every stage of the process. Our goal is to help alleviate the stress and anxiety involved in negotiating and finalizing your transactions. We have significant experience in the following areas and regularly assist our clients with these types of corporate transactions:

Asset Purchases and Sales

Asset sales, no matter the size, can be daunting if not properly managed. Buyers and sellers have a number of key factors to consider and often many people are involved in making the decisions. Our goals include helping you to understand the different issues involved with a sale and working to obtain an easy transaction.

Business Formation

Whether starting a new business entirely, or restructuring a current business, we have experience helping clients of all sizes with these transactional corporate processes. Selecting the right structure to set up your business is crucial, and we can assist you in determining what makes sense for your organization. Creating a strong foundation is the first step to ensuring success for your business as it grows.

Negotiations and Drafting

Contracts and agreements allow your business to function. We have extensive experience creating new and reviewing existing contracts for businesses of all sizes and structures.

Please contact us so that we can assist you in handling your transactional legal needs. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.