Corporate Transactions Asset Purchases and Sales

Whether your business has reached a point where it is growing and you need to obtain additional assets, or you have decided to sell some of your possessions, many areas of risk lie in the sales process. Although this type of sale is often an attractive option for small to midsized businesses, working out all the details of a sale can be time consuming and costly.

When a client is considering purchasing all or some assets of another company, we work with them to get a strong understanding of what it is they are buying. The first steps in our legal evaluation will include conducting due diligence on both tangible and intangible assets that are being considered for purchase, as well at the selling company as a whole. Generally buyers can pick if they want to purchase some or all of the assets of a company, and determine which liabilities they want to assume. Depending on the structure of the business and what third parties are involved with the assets, there may be multiple stakeholders who have to approve conditions of the sale.

If you are a seller, getting either select assets or an entire company ready for a sale is no small feat. Determining the selling price is just one item that needs to be assessed. Making sure potential buyers have all the information they need to assess and complete a sale can require sellers to organize many documents and to involve a number of people. Sellers often have to provide information and documentation on the assets they wish to sell, as well as information regarding the tax, financial, and legal health of the company as a whole. The profile of the intended purchaser will determine what information must be disclosed. Coordinating the multiple stakeholders (from owners to board members to third-party vendors) who may need to be involved in giving sign off can also be a challenge for the seller.

Okin Adams: Houston Asset Purchases and Sales Lawyers

We work with our clients throughout the whole process to avoid any unexpected problems that might come from an asset transaction. Whether you are just beginning to think about buying or selling assets, or if you have previously completed a transaction and want to review the terms, we can help you. Please feel free to contact us to work with you on all your asset transaction needs.