LendingTree’s Legal Dispute With a Subsidiary Over a $40 Million Dividend

October 15 2019| News| | By Okin Adams

While the circumstances leading a business to file for bankruptcy may sometimes seem cut-and-dry, in many instances litigation is required to identify the substance behind a company’s financial problems. This may be true for bankrupt LendingTree subsidiary Home Center Loan Inc. (“HLC”).


PG&E Faces Fears of $18 Billion in Damages

October 02 2019| News| | By Okin Adams

Many circumstances can factor into the need for a bankruptcy filing, and they frequently include potential liabilities that threaten the continued existence of a business enterprise. This threat looms large for PG&E, as it is facing claims for billions of dollars in damages in connection with multiple wildfires in California in 2017 and 2018.


Okin Adams LLP Selected as Finalist for M&A Advisor Awards in Two Categories

September 11 2019| Events| News| | By Okin Adams

Okin Adams LLP is pleased to announce the firm was recently selected as a finalist for the 18th Annual M&A Advisor Awards in two separate categories. The firm is recognized for its work surrounding the Sale of Kane Beef to JDH Capital in the categories of “Consumer Staples Deal of the Year” as well as “M&A Deal of the Year ($25MM-$50MM).”


Retailpocalypse Claims Popular Subscription Box Service Loot Crate

August 29 2019| News| | By Okin Adams

Over the past several years, the retail industry has watched as well-known members such as Sears, Mattress Firm, and Toys-R-Us have shuttered large numbers of stores or completely disappeared in what has come to be dubbed the “retailpocalypse.” Often, perhaps incorrectly, explained as the impact of growing on-line retail options upon traditional retailers, this downturn has previously appeared constrained to retailers with a significant brick-and-mortar footprint. The recent filing of on-line subscription box service, Loot Crate, Inc., may challenge such notions.

Court of Appeals Opinion

A Recent Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion Provides Insight for Practitioners on Bankruptcy Claims

August 26 2019| News| | By Okin Adams

The law of pleading standards can be highly nuanced. For practitioners bringing or defending claims of fraudulent transfer, preference, equitable subordination, negligent misrepresentation, or breach of fiduciary duty, the Fifth Circuit’s recent decision in the Life Partners bankruptcy saga is a must-read. Writing for the panel of three judges, Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod lays out in detail in Life Partners Creditors’ Trust v. Cowley the standards for pleading several types of claims that are familiar to all bankruptcy litigators.

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